Ashley Nault - Jun 5, 2020
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Macau is nestled on the south coast of China. And is an autonomous region which was once owned by the Portuguese. Its diverse history makes it one of the most exciting and culturally infused places on Earth. A blend of architecture, foods and landmarks make it a must-visit for absolutely anyone. For that reason, there is no typical Macau tourist – it appeals to masses of avid travellers every year.

Here you can find lots of reasons why Macau attracted over 27 million tourists last year.

Historical Landmarks

Lovers of history and culture will adore the region because of its countless old fortresses and museums. One of the most visited is the Ruins of St Paul, an old Portuguese built church, which is now an official UNESCO World Heritage site. For a more oriental cultural visit, you may prefer to check out A-Ma Temple. It was built in the 15th century in recognition of a sea goddess and is one of the oldest temples in Macau.  These are just two of many churches, temples and forts that should be on your Macau cultural itinerary.

Something for the Foodies

Macau’s unique history can be identified in the local culinary experiences on offer. The blend of European past and Asia come together in the region’s wealth of restaurants. You can choose from Portuguese eateries or a selection of Asian restaurants, including Chinese cuisine, Japanese foods and even steakhouses. Authentic flavours and local produce are used to craft dishes at the best restaurants in town. If you prefer other European dishes, then they are not hard to find. Italian and Irish establishments have been opened recently to cater to the demographics of most tourists.

Grand Casino Culture

If you are lucky enough to have a window seat as you descend into Macau International Airport, one thing you will notice is how beautiful the skyline is. The region boasts the famous Macau tower and a string of eye-catching casino establishments, rightly earning it the nickname “The Las Vegas of Asia”. One of the most visited casinos of Macau is the huge Venetian Casino. This stellar attraction includes bars, restaurants, casino gaming facilities, and of course, imitates the canals of Venice, Italy.

The city’s bursting casino culture is why many people book flights to Macau each day. You can expect the same glitz and glamour at any local venue that you would in Vegas. The fierce debate whether it is better to gamble in Vegas or Macau has already been covered by Party Casino on their special series of casino travel blogs. Hear both arguments with them.

From casinos to food and cultural trips, Macau has it all. It even has some picturesque beaches and an array of evening bars and clubs to let your hair down after a day of exploration. You could also make a bigger adventure out of your trip and drive over the world’s longest bridge to Hong Kong!

So, are you a Macau tourist?

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