Samuel Dorsi - Sep 9, 2008

The vast majority of tourists have a set standard of expectations before they leave for their much desired holiday. A certain level of comfort is needed and not receiving a good service is very frustrating and disappointing. Luxurious hotels, delicious food, and the constant care – these seem to be very relevant factors for most travelers. However, a new approach of holiday-making has appeared which requires courage, modesty and even hard-work. Peru is one of the countries that offer this unique opportunity.


On one hand, visiting Peru by itself is quite an adventure. It is a fascinating country that attracts all - scientists, culture enthusiast, anthropologists, and tourists. The Amazon rainforest or Machu Picchu lure thousands. Being in Peru itself is not entirely the personification of a comfortable and relaxing holiday, given the conditions, however, as many visitors have pointed out, they feel left out and wish to experience the country rather than just observe it.


The popular demand has been satisfied. One of the newest and very special tourist packages one may purchase is a holiday in Peru’s Ancash region. Being accommodated in a farmer’s house, the guests experience and truly ‘feel’ what a typical life of a Peruvian is about. These are no 4* hotels and jacuzzi baths. Mud bricks, no central heating, and plain meals. Compared to the typical standard, these seem like very uncomfortable holidays, yet the contrast of the poor and simple living conditions with the almost shocking hospitality is very sharp.


For about $ 2,500 travelers come to villages such as Vicos or Chinchero and help out local farmers, share their food and life. Even families are welcome on this eye-opening quest. Adventurers, who are no longer interested in just seeing, should definitely grasp this unique opportunity to actually do and help make a difference.


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