Larry Brain - Jul 10, 2007

The largest country of Central America has been – so far – known as a friendly place, though rather poor. Tourist agents often compare it to Costa Rica, and even though the economy is developing slowly, the government has put great effort into promoting Nicaragua on the tourism market.


The country’s history goes back nearly 6,000 years, and therefore there is much to see and experience here. Its outstanding natural beauty has been attracting scientists, environmentalist and generally admirers of some rare fauna and flora. In addition, adventurers appreciate its beautiful coast and beaches perfectly fit for surfing. In a few years time, Nicaragua is surely going to experience an absolute tourist boom.


Many travelers are worried about the safety around Nicaragua. They ought to know that the country’s capital, Managua, is really not the number one place to go to, with dangerous street gangs and high crime rate. However, once outside the city, the danger is gone. There are two must-see destinations any tourist should visit. The cities of Granada and Leon are both charming remainders of Nicaragua’s colonial heritage and amazing examples of local traditions, rituals and generally the character of the nation.


When in Leon, about 90 minutes away from the capital, visitors are encouraged to look for the famous Basilica de la Asuncion, Central America’s largest cathedral, and certainly, one of the most beautiful ones. Once in any of the cities, trying out some of the local food is a must. Nicaragua’s national dish, Gallopinto, consists of red beans and rice, and some say it is worth trying. However, what is really great in this country are the drinks; most typical and definitely worth tasting are pinol, chichi or the smooth Flor de Cana rum.


Nature lovers will appreciate the number of magnificent lakes and impressive volcanoes spread around the whole country, as well as dense tropical forests and amazing beaches. Nicaragua’s got it all, and soon, the whole world will know.

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  1. Nicaragua is the best value for your money, it offers, gentle people, beautiful volcanos, beaches, historical cities, Granada is the best place. In the time of financial turmoil, Nicaragua is a safe haven better than anywhere I know and I have been to 160 countries.


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