Anna Luebke - Nov 8, 2006
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The Nicaraguan tourist board is aiming to attract more people from North America and from Europe. In general, the incoming tourism in Nicaragua is on the rise. Compared to a miserable 106.000 foreign tourists in 1990, 2005 saw the figure reach 705.000. The visitors are mainly Americans and Canadians. Last year just 58.000 Europeans came to the central American state.


There are only 21 flights per week from Europe to the country.



Just what does Nicaragua offer? This year has seen Nicaragua host a cultural series, aimed at highlighting the beauty, traditions and natural appeal of the country. Nicaragua boasts coastlines with golden beaches both on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The country is proud of the natural beauty of volcanoes and rainforests. People who live here are extremely warm and friendly people.



How does the tourist board intend to boost figures? In an attempt to copy neighboring Costa Rica, hotels are being built in rainforests so that visitors can experience the beauty right in front of them.  In terms of culture, Nicaragua has plenty to offer. The tourism board has been offering cultural tour packages to Diriamba, the home of the national folk-dance El Gueguense. The Nicaraguan folk ballet performed this dance for over 5000 people in the USA. Now they are inviting spectators to their own country. There is also the fiesta San Sebastain, a colourful and theatrical performance symbolising the arrival of Spaniards to the country. This event takes place during the 3rd week in January.

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