Gregory Dolgos - Jan 9, 2007

According to Ms Anne Biging, managing director of Healing Hotels of the World, the new trend will be ‘health for life’. The spas will concentrate more on the people rather than problems. And so she expects that clients of spas will be taught how to develop a healthy life style.



More men are expected to visit spas and also the Internet will be more and more important source of information.



The spa experts at Spa Finder, Inc. created a list - “10 Spa Trends to Watch for in 2007” which includes:



Sleep – as an important part of our lives is promoted. Lack of sleep is connected with various illnesses. There will be treatments that should help people to sleep well. Among those treatments is e.g aromatherapy or ultra-relaxing spa treatments. Hotels should create ideal sleep environment. It means to minimize light and sound. There will be yoga programs and also specialists to educate, diagnose and treat sleep apnea, insomnia and other disorders.





In this context it does not mean treatment of alcohol or drug addicted people but a help to avoid unhealthful habits and create the healthful ones. This concerns e.g. eating and drinking habits.



Medical Tourism


This is a booming industry in many countries like India or Tunisia. The tourists travel to this destination to have an operation done much cheaper, faster. The operations are safe since the level of the medical services is usually high. It is expected to attract even more people in 2007. There will be also new technologies that will attract medical tourists e.g. DNA analysis, new generations of anti-aging medicines, injectables or lasers.



These medical visits will be connected with vacations. Many hotel/resort spas will recognize the new opportunity that medical tourism presents and market themselves as ideal pre- and post-operation stays.


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