Andrew J. Wein - Nov 20, 2022
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The newest tourist destination in South Kazakhstan is the Karavan Saray in Turkistan, which is within a few kilometers from the renowned Khoja Akhmet Yasawi tomb. Turkistan's city recently completed the construction of the Karavan Saray complex, which cost close to 200 million dollars, and opened an airport. All year long, visitors from Kazakhstan and all around the world are welcomed to this spectacular complex.

The newest attraction in South Kazakhstan, Karavan Saray, is a must-see for everyone visiting the nomads' homeland. Depending on the location of Kazakhstan, winter can vary. It might be fun and interesting to travel to South Kazakhstan when the weather is good. The building that was built to accommodate commercially mobile groups is known by its name, "Karavan Saray."

In the Middle East and Central Asia, several Karavan Sarays were once erected alongside roads or in other sparsely populated areas as rest stops for traders. The Karavan Saray was built as a new attraction for travelers seeking a culinary, historical, and educational experience about Kazakhstan in Turkistan.

Economic development 

The gross regional product is projected to reach two trillion tenge ($4.6 billion) in 2020, up 25% from 2018.

535.2 billion tenge ($1.2 billion) in industrial output represented an increase of 81.4 billion tenge ($187.6 million) or 18% over 2018.

14 projects totaling 8.6 billion tenge ($19.8 million) and 1,620 employment were also started last year.

Currently, 49 projects totaling 41 billion tenge (about $94.5 million) and generating 3,184 jobs are planned to be launched. The value of agricultural exports increased by 64.4% to $212.5 million.

In all, 703.3 billion tenge ($1.62 billion) worth of investments were made in the region's economy in 2020, of which 112.4 billion tenge ($259 million) came from foreign sources. In comparison to 2018, investments expanded by 2.4 times, and growth is anticipated to continue.

Small and medium sized businesses

According to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the growth of small and medium-sized businesses has been a national priority. There are 140,600 SMEs in the Turkistan region, employing 218,000 individuals, or 27% of the region's economically active population.

The companies generated goods and services worth 554.4 billion tenge ($1.28 billion) between January and September 2020.

The country's Economy of Simple Things initiative achieved success in the area as well. The program's goal is to assist companies that provide the population's top daily needs for goods and services.

The initiative provided funding for 287 projects totaling 29 billion tenge ($66.8 million) around the region. The budget of the country's Business Road Map 2025 has increased by 23% to 2.9 billion tenge ($6.68 million), which is advantageous to businesses.


There are 37 uniquely designed rooms at the five-star Karavansaray Turkistan Hotel, which has a particular décor and includes suites and luxury rooms. The hotel's media complex, "Flying Theatre," is open to the public without charge.

Flying Theater

One can locate a structure with a roof that resembles a golden egg on the complex property. This flying theater provides a historical tour of Kazakhstan. Samruk, a mythological bird from Kazakh folklore, is honored in flying theater.

According to the legend, the entire planet resembled a huge tree, whose roots were firmly planted in the Earth and whose top held the sky. The golden egg, that functioned as the world's sun, was placed in the crown's nest by the bird Samruk.

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