Gregory Dolgos - Nov 2, 2014
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New visitor spend statistics indicate that New Zealand’s tourism industry can now boast being on the right track to reach its objective of nearly doubling tourism revenues by 2015, at least according to the Tourism Industry Association new Zealand (TIA).

Additionally, international visitor spending rose 7.4%, while international visitors went up 5%, according to the Tourism Satellite Account as Statistics New Zealand reports.

According to Simon Wallace, TIA Policy &Research Manager, this is a clear indication that the industry will achieve its Tourism 2025 objective of growing value much faster than volume. This also places the industry on the right track to achieving a total of $41 billion in tourism revenue, ahead of its 2025 deadline.

According to Mr. Wallace, these statistics indicate that the industry is recovering following the global financial crisis, as international spend returns to 2007 levels. The industry needs to take advantage of the momentum and opportunities presented by events like the FIFA U-20 World Cup, Cricket World Cup (ICC 2015) and the World Masters Games 2017 to boost spending by the international visitors, Wallace adds.

The figures also paint a clearer picture of spending incurred by international students who have come to study in New Zealand over a period of 12 months or less. These students spend $1.9 billion per year, an 8.7% increase.

Tourism 2025 highlights untapped opportunities available to increase international students coming to study in New Zealand and more focus will be placed on this sector, says Mr. Wallace. He also added that there is no doubt that the industry should put more effort in encouraging New Zealand citizens to promote domestic tourism. Domestic spend has increased by 3.2%, slightly below the 4% Tourism 2025 target. For many operators, domestic tourism is their backbone and more focus on giving Kiwis a reason to holiday in the country is good for the economy.

Tourism accounts for 8.3% (166,800) of New Zealand jobs, which includes pilots, chefs, tour guides, raft guides, shuttle drivers, receptionists, managers, cycle hire operators, and education providers. The industry also supports other businesses, including supermarkets, builders, accountants, and supermarkets.

The new data from Tourism Satellite Account, alongside other crucial tourism statistics, will be among what will be presented during the 2014 TIA Summit scheduled to take place in Wellington on 4th November, to provide delegates with a detailed update regarding Tourism 2025 progress.

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