Anna Luebke - Aug 30, 2010

With the aid of Auckland Airport and New Zealand Airlines, along with a strong marketing campaign, New Zealand is trying to expand its tourism sector by attracting more Japanese tourists. Indeed, the amount of flights between the two countries has tripled this year.


Japanese have been one of the groups of travelers at whom many promotion campaigns are aimed, since they tend to spend more than any other nation. The average spending of a tourist from Tokyo in New Zealand last year was $4600 per visit, leaving the Europeans and North Americans far behind. Double this with the fact that Japan still has a lot of untapped potential and it is clear why not only New Zealanders are opening their arms to tourists from Japan.

Luckily for New Zealand, there has been a huge rise in the number of travelers from Japan in recent years with a 10.9% growth on last year. Similarly, 80% of the tourists are visiting New Zealand for the first time, so it is not only important to give them new reasons to come, yet also to persuade them to come back next year as well. The airline industries of New Zealand, including its national airline and Auckland Airport have fully recognized the importance of Japan and their responsibility in achieving the goals.

Auckland Airport has helped to charter over 3,000 extra flights to and from Japan just over the summer season. Similarly, New Zealand Airlines has trebled the amount of flights available to and from Japan and significantly increased the amount of Japanese cities from which it is possible to reach New Zealand by air.

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