Theodore Slate - Jan 11, 2016
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What news and regulations should European travelers be aware of for the start of this new year? Changes in entry visa requirements are the most prominent.

Booking Hotels Online: The Price Displayed Is the Price Paid

According to a decree published in the Official Journal, hotels must now indicate the final price for one night to ensure more transparency for users before paying. The total price is to be specified from the start of the site-navigation.

Moreover, the rates of optional services such as Wi-Fi or breakfast must be clearly indicated. Professionals have time until June 1 to ensure that they comply with the law. Note that this new law applies only to the hotel industry and not websites selling airline tickets.

Change in Visa Requirements for Vietnamese Holidays

Since the 1st July 2015, French, British, German, Spanish and Italian tourists planning to spend less than 15 days in Vietnam have not needed to obtain a visa. This exemption is a temporary one adopted to stimulate tourism and will end on the 30th June 2016.

Mongolian Entry Visa Requirements Reinstated

The Mongolian government has adopted the reinstatement of visas for tourists planning to enter the country for less than 30 days. Travelers from 42 countries, had until the 1st January 2016 benefited from a visa exemption.

Multiple Entry Visas for Thailand

Tourists can now benefit from a visa to enter and exit the Thai kingdom several times during a period of six months and a maximum of 60 days per entry. This new visa costs 5,000 baht (about 127 euros) and can be applied for at the Thai embassy.

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