Cecilia Garland - Feb 22, 2016
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Plan, search, and prepare. That is what most travelers do. Choose a destination, search for its attractions, and pack suitable clothes. Blind booking, however, is a new kind of travel experience offered to adventurous holidaymakers.

Blind booking is an innovative option offered by a Spanish company, Waynabox, founded by a group of young engineers from Barcelona. Through the company, tourists can book a weekend getaway in one of 12 European cities. The cost is EUR 150 and includes flights and a two-night hotel stay. The actual destination however is kept secret to the participants right up to the start of their adventure.

According to the organizers, this travel experience is an option that, besides satisfying all lovers of surprises, meets the needs of many tourists who do not plan their trips based on the destination, but based on their budget.

How does it work? Through the company’s website, travelers choose the number of passengers and the departure airport, which is either in Madrid or Barcelona. Then, the users select the date they want to hit the road and time availability will be shown.

The next step is the destination search. Although travelers are not able to choose a specific city, the website allows them to eliminate one of the twelve destinations on offer for free. Any more cities eliminated from the list will cost the users EUR 5 per city.

Two days before boarding the airplane the participants receive their tickets and that is the time when the secret destination is revealed. From that moment on, the users know the name and location of the hotel where they will stay, and only then they can plan what they want to do and how to shape their travel experience. The organizers guarantee high quality hotels located in downtown areas.


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