James Morris - Mar 24, 2013
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On its latest smartphone, the only travel app that is pre-installed will be TripAdvisor. Additionally, the S4 is using TripAdvisor's available content of millions of reviews, opinions and images to power its own travel related apps.

TripAdvisor data is powering the below Samsung apps:

Travel Widget: This showcase widget will include images of popular travel attractions and destinations across the globe. It is designed to inspire its users and promote travel. The user only has to tap the star icon on the screen and save the particular image on their list of 'Saves' or touch the image for further details of the place provided by the TripAdvisor app, inclusive of opinions, reviews, contact information and photos.

Lock Screen Slideshow: Galaxy S4 users can choose to view beautiful images of visually-inspiring destinations around the world when the phone goes to 'locked' mode on its high-def screen display.

City Information in Samsung Story Album: This is a seamless connection of the user's travel photos and related content. TripAdvisor allows users to add and build on the city information in the Album making it like a digital photo-book.

TripAdvisor also has unique features added to the application like using a Samsung ID for a Single Sign-On, loading details of flights and hotels from TripAdvisor onto the native app of the phone's calendar and also loading of contact information for a hotel or an attraction to the Contacts List.

Steve Kaufer, TripAdvisor's CEO and Co-Founder, said that they are delighted to partner with Samsung especially pre-loading their app on the S4. He continued to state that Samsung would make the perfect companion for modern-day travelers as their application prowess would be combined with over 100 million of TripAdvisor's traveler opinions and reviews with inspirational photos as add-ons.

Samsung's Product Strategy Team's Vice President, Chanwoo Park, stated that they want to ensure that users of the S4 could access and be inspired by all the up-to-date travel photos, insights and destinations; the partnership with TripAdvisor leading to customer satisfaction and an enriched mobile experience.

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