Joe McClain - Nov 8, 2023
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Amsterdam has recently decided to prohibit the consumption of alcohol and drugs in public places, including the famous Red-Light District. The authorities, along with the locals, are now keen to change the city's image. For many years, Amsterdam has been known as the "City of Freedom" due to its tolerance of drugs and prostitution, which attracts tourists. However, the increasing noise, crowds, and disregard for rules and locals have led to the authorities considering changes. The people of Amsterdam are eager to bring about a transformation in their city.

New measures have been introduced in Amsterdam to tackle issues related to drug and alcohol consumption in public places. A fine of 100 euros has been imposed on people who are caught consuming drugs or alcohol in public. Additionally, there is a proposal to remove prostitutes from the famous Red Light District's shop windows and move them indoors. It has also been suggested that the sale of drugs should be restricted only to citizens. These new measures could change some of the distinctive features of Amsterdam, but it remains to be seen whether they will lead to a decrease in the number of tourists.

It has been reported that the locals residing in the area would be pleased if there was a limit on the number of visitors to 20 million per year. The authorities are considering various measures to achieve this, including an increase in the price of plane or train tickets and a ban on accommodation platforms like Airbnb. However, some stakeholders have raised concerns on social media that these measures might be aimed at attracting only wealthy tourists who can afford to stay in expensive hotels and buy luxury items such as diamonds.

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