Alec Hills - Nov 25, 2008

For forty years, the impressive RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 cruised the oceans of the world. Now, it’s time has come to pursue a different destiny. As majestic as the cruise liner is, the company which has run it these forty years, Cunard Line, decided that maintaining the ship at this point would be too much of an investment. After considering several options as to what future the old lady may await, a deal was sealed which changed the fate of the Queen – it will become a high-profile hotel making berth at the infamous Palm Island in Dubai.

Its forty years of service have been most impressive, however. It crossed the Atlantic over 800 times and carried over 2,5 million passengers who will never forget their journey with her. Her maiden voyage took her from Southampton, UK to New York City on May 2nd, 1969. The Queen Elizabeth 2 was also involved in the Falkland War, having carried some 3000 troops and hundreds of volunteer crew to the South Atlantic. During its service, the Queen cruised basically all around the globe. It underwent several major refurbishments; however, it became clear in the past years that without an entire ‘make-over’ the ship would no longer meet all technical requirements.

After saying her final goodbye in New York, the cruise liner set out on its final journey back to its hometown of Southampton. Immediately before arriving at the destination, there was a minor incident where the Queen ran into a sandbank. Even though no harm was caused to the ship, many guests agreed this was her way of expressing her disapproval with moving to Dubai.

Soon afterwards, the problem was solved and Queen Elizabeth 2 is now getting ready for a major refurbishment – it needs to meet the expectations of the most demanding guests now. That is, after all, her future now.


  1. Just what the world needs. Another hotel for the rich? Could the 'old girl' not have become a floating hospital on permanent loan to aid organisations working in 'the colonies' in a world gone mad on consumerism.


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