Daniel A. Tanner - Oct 25, 2010
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Tunisia, the famed Mediterranean holiday destination, has been selected as the location for a project recently launched by the Quatari Diar Group. The Investment Company plans to build a luxurious holiday resort in the Sahara and Tunisia proved to be the most promising destination.


A deal was signed recently between Tunisian government and the Mohamed bin Ali al-Hedfa, the CEO of Quatari Diar Group, a large investment company. Quatari Diar Group had been searching for an ideal location for their proposed 40-hectare luxurious holiday resort. After evaluating several options, the Tunisian governorate of Tozeur appeared to be an ideal spot for the planned 5-star resort.

The CEO, Mr. Mohamed bin Ali al-Hedfa, mentioned that Tunisia is a well-established tourist destination, with approximately 7 million tourists visiting it every year. The potential here is vast as tourists may explore the rich archaeological sites as well as beautiful nature destinations. Tozeur is also admired as one of the world’s most beautiful oases which covers an extensive area of 1 000 hectares.  

The recently revealed design plans of the proposed holiday resort feature 60 luxury suites, health and spa facilities and sport fans will also have plenty of choices, including pools and tennis courts. Naturally, businessmen will have a wide choice of conference facilities, restaurants and all visitors will enjoy the many planned commercial stores. An amphitheatre as well as an Arab-style tent are also highlights of the proposed designs.

Mr. al Hadfa revealed the estimated budget for the resort: $80 million. The dream-land will surely return all the investment quite soon and is likely to lure an increasing number of visitors to Tunisia, once finished.

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