Larry Brain - Feb 15, 2010
Thousands of wine enthusiasts spend surprising sums of money to discover new wine trails. What about food lovers, though? It appears culinary trails are emerging everywhere around the world. Every nation has its specific meal, its beloved spice or recipe all girls ought to learn before they get married. Most countries use the ‘fantastic culinary tradition’ card on all tourists and why not? Traditional cuisine is crucial to get to know a place, to admire a country and truly understand its charm. It was only a matter of time until culinary tourism emerged among all the other ‘tourism sectors’ and is now becoming increasingly popular all around the globe.How proud are the Swiss of their chocolate, or the Italians of their pasta and parmigiano? What would the Scandinavians do without their delicious fish courses? How about the Mexicans and their tortillas? As culinary art becomes a sought after tourist gem, many countries strive to create an appealing culinary trail. Not only do the visitors taste heaven, but also get to see all the important landmarks of each particular country.Arizona introduces its Salsa Trail, and heading east it gets hotter with the Missisippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail or the Southern BBQ trail. Southern Boudin Trail and Southern Gumbo Trail are among the spicy ones that blow one’s head away. The infamous Jerk Trail leads travelers from Canadian Negril as far down as Kingston, Jamaica and the home of the jerk – Port Antonio. What an ingenious idea.The very elaborate and famous is the New Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail. The much glorified hamburger topped with molten cheddar and the crucial ingredient – green chile – is the most fiery tourist lure. New Mexico Tourist Department compiled a map of 48 green chile cheeseburger specialists – all nominated by the public. Places like Bert’s Burger Bowl, Bobcat Bite or El Farolito, do carry on the proud chile tradition of New Mexico. All the burgers on a trail are a must – 48 hamburgers one should eat before they die. Related:THE WORLD’S FIRST WURST MUSEUM SOON REVEALEDNew Museum Adds to the Culinary Delights of New Orleans 

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  1. Spicy cheesburgers? You must be kidding right? I guess I will have to go to that part of the world once. I heard that Mexicans even give chilly lollypops to their kids. Can this be true?


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