Gary Diskin - Jun 11, 2012
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Shanghai just saw the launch of a global tourism campaign, a multi-million dollar event, aimed at bringing the rich and the middle class to Australia in an attempt to boost the Australian Tourism.

"The Nothing like Australia" campaign will have to its credit AUS$170 million for three years to come. Shanghai will hold the inaugural ceremony for the campaign.

Predictions have shown that the tourism industry from China would grow up to Aus$9 billion by decade end, and currently it stands at Aus$3.8 billion, (2011), with Australia being a sky-rocketing marketplace for tourism in China.

The mainstay program of the campaign strategy is by using new pictures of the most awe-inspiring destinations, and this would give the boost to start the growth of $73.3 Billion tourism business.

Martin Ferguson, The tourism Minister quoted – "To bring new visitors to Australia – one must frequently reiterate to the world and to the guests that Australian experiences, goods, and attractions are among the finest and flawless in the world."

The campaign would go to Britain and to the United States in its second stages. Primarily the campaign was in China to help the tourism benefit from the growth of its second tier cities, and the growth of the middle class.

The focus being set at Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing, whereas the higher and upper middle class from the cities of Chongqing, Hangzhou, and Nanjing are also exposed to the campaigns.

Approximately 900,000 visitors annually, valued up to Aus$9 billion per annum could be from China and this figure would be reached by the end of the decade – announced Andrew McEvoy the Managing director of Tourism Australia.

Tourism Australia currently has 3 million Facebook fans, where the campaign focuses primarily on television commercials and print advertising. Social media focus is set to its highest leverage point to tap its potential.

Also, a new tablet app that is highly interactive takes the limelight.

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