Kevin Eagan - Apr 3, 2023
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Exit NYC & Company, the New York City Tourism Office is now called New York City Tourism + Conventions. The new brand is being rolled out through a strategy that incorporates a comprehensive visual identity including a new logo, graphic design and art direction.

The launch of the new name and identity is accompanied by a social media campaign, which leverages the "power of opinion" of New York's 8.5 million residents by offering them the opportunity to share their views on the assets and experiences of the city's five boroughs.

Since the health crisis, the Big Apple has shown its willingness to encourage travelers to go beyond clichés by discovering other parts of the city. The goal: is to better distribute the flow of tourists and revenue for the area.

New York City's economic recovery continued in 2022 with more than 56 million travelers staying in the city, a 72.5% increase over 2021. The city saw 9.4 million international travelers visit the five boroughs, more than triple the number in 2021. It also hosted more than 1,200 events, meetings and conferences in 2022, with more than 4 million delegates attending. This activity marks the return of 85% of the city's record attendance levels in 2019.

New York City tourism remains on track to welcome 63.3 million visitors in 2023. The pace of the tourism rebound is helping to fuel New York City's economic recovery, having supported approximately 340,000 jobs across the leisure and hospitality sector, more than $40 billion in direct visitor spending and approximately $60 billion in total economic impact by 2022.

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