Larry Brain - Mar 9, 2020
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Nepalese authorities announced that because of the coronavirus epidemic, the country has stopped its tourism campaign.

Foreign visitors cannot obtain their visa on entry anymore, according to the Nepalese government. The goal of attracting two million visitors this year is likely not to be achieved.

As a neighboring country of China, Nepal welcomes a considerable number of Chinese tourists every year.

The tourism industry is one of the country's most important sources of income. However, until the end of March, all promotional activities and the international tourism campaign of the country have been halted. Ministry of Tourism announced that the measure has been applied to prevent any further spread of the coronavirus.  

Tour operators expect significantly fewer expeditions to Mount Everest this spring, which is the main season for climbing the highest mountain in the world.

Moreover, several hotels report an increasing number of cancelled overnight stays. So far there are several confirmed cases of Covid 19 in Nepal. A growing number of people are currently in quarantine.

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