James Morris - Nov 17, 2020
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If you like the calming effect that looking at a beach brings, you might be interested in Adorno. Adorno Beach Hotel and Suites is located a few steps away from the sandy beach of Ornos. From the free wireless services to the spacious parking area, the hotel has earned its 4-star rating. It offers a lot of luxury for lovers of water or lovers of good hotels.

Hotel Facilities

The facilities available in this Mykonos beach hotel are all the necessary ones you need to enjoy your stay. Find out below:

Wellness Centers

This includes the fitness area and a treatment room. The fitness area is filled with the latest fitness equipment to help you keep up with your workout goals and remain healthy while at it. At the treatment room, you are pampered to a series if so sessions from experts. This restores a feeling of calm and rests your nerves. You can also get a personalized so service if you prefer not to visit the treatment room.

The Business Corner

In the business corner, you are provided with facilities to take a moment off enjoyment and get down to business

Concierge Services

The hotel also offers concierge services. These services are especially appealing if you want to go on tours to different places on the Island. The concierge offers services like private jeep tours, yacht charters, reservations to restaurants and clubs, VIP shopping. There are also concierge services like Air service with jets or helicopters, water sport activities, visit the museum, etc.


There is a library where you can choose from a variety of good books. Pick a book of your interest and get lost in your affection for learning.


The terrace restaurant is sitting by the pool. Here, you can enjoy breakfast while watching people swim or the waters sit still. What a great offer with mouth-watering dishes that help you explore Mykonos and a relaxing atmosphere. However, if one prefers to eat in private, room services are readily available too.

Luxurious Rooms

With whitewashed rooms that reflect that Aegean blue color, you can never go wrong. The rooms in Adorno gives luxury in the exact proportion. The rooms range from classic and superior double rooms to suites with private pools to maisonettes with their jacuzzi. Each of these rooms offers comfort and pleasure in their way. Each of these rooms has air conditioning and housekeeping services.


Do you know the famous Ornos beach? It's not far away from Adorno, and it is accessible to everyone who prefers swimming in beaches to pools. This beach is one thing that made this hotel admirable and preferred by even tourists.


Even if you don't speak English, there are other popular languages which the Adorno Hotel recognizes. These languages are Greek, German, Italian, and French.

Final thoughts

Adorno hotel and Suites is one hotel that many people can vouch for. It has excellent service, and staff relation with customers is excellent. The hotel is affordable, and it grants you a fantastic experience of luxury.

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