Joe McClain - Jan 19, 2022
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If you are looking for a holiday that would be equal parts educational, entertaining, and relaxing, the Scotland trip is definitely on the list. And think beyond Edinburgh - while it is crucial to visit the capital city, there are many other beautiful towns here as well. Check out our list of the most fascinating ones you can visit.


This historic town is located not very far away from Edinburgh, so it is easily reachable and so worth it! Linlithgow has a very regal charm about it, and that is because it has been the royal residence of Stewart kings and queens back in the 15th and 16th centuries.

You will be able to purchase some great leather souvenirs since the town was once the center of industry in leather making, especially before the Victorian Era. If you want to know the city even better, visit the Linlithgow Museum!


Another fascinating town, Melrose, is surrounded by legends and fairytale-looking areas. There are great medieval market squares and abbeys that might be interesting for you to see. If you are a fan of the Middle Ages, you will want to visit the Commendator’s House Museum to see an expansive collection of medieval artifacts. Biggest one in Britain, to be exact!

Melrose is that magical place that is small in size but monumental in history and tradition!


This mouthful of a name was given to the town with reference to the Picts, which means Place of the Caves in ancient languages. Pittenweem is actually a fishermen town, but forget everything you know about them and add a bunch of charm on top. It is not smelly or industrial and dim. On the contrary, this town is delightful by being unspoiled and untouched by human hands, and the streets are light and full of friendly locals that are always willing to talk.

Pittenweem has also been given the royal burgh status because of being a convenient trading spot for ships carrying cargo.


Apart from a lovely harbor, pretty streets, and a quiet town square, Arbroath is the most famous for playing a role in getting Scotland declared as an independent sovereign state, as the city provided the Declaration of Arbroath, an important document in the whole process. The town is not very large, yet rich in history. There are a few significant monuments, such as the Georgian Signal Tower Museum, which you absolutely must visit, or the Arbroath Abbey, which will be clearly seen by the crimson color of its ruins.



Like many other towns in Scotland, Dunfermline has a connection to the crown. It was the resting place for King Robert the Bruce and eleven other kings and queens of Scotland. But then, there is the beautiful Pittencreiff Park, gifted to the city by the famous philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who was also born here. The park is the beating heart of Dunfermline, with gardens, trim paths, and playgrounds. This is your first stop if you want to talk to the local folk!

There is also a great side of history in this town, like the city’s library and several art galleries. If you are interested in a totally cultural evening, make sure to see a production in Dunfermline’s Theater.

All of these towns we suggested are easily reachable from Edinburgh, so make sure to set aside a day or two and visit these locations. The most popular tourist picks are that way for a reason, and it is essential that you see them at least once, but do not be afraid to dig a little deeper and give the smaller towns a chance. Have a great trip!

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