Larry Brain - Oct 21, 2021
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The World Series of Poker is back! The world’s biggest poker tournament is doing the rounds right now, with the Fall Super Circuit well underway. Professional players have gone home with as many as six figures in their pocket, while audience members soak up the tension of the game.

But the WSOP circuits are worldwide events, with tournaments for the WSOP rings and bracelets to be won in a variety of major cities. The most beautiful cities in the world are featured on the WSOP tour. Let’s see what the best ones are.

Las Vegas

Ah Las Vegas. It might not be the romantic’s idea of beauty, but there is no denying that the iconic skyline could bring a tear to your eye. The city is a fusion of many different types of beauty, from the bright lights that could remind you of the streets of Tokyo, to the renaissance art that graces the streets. It’s the only place you could find a neon cutout of a cowboy down the street from a carved giant sphinx.

It is also a collection of everything you could want from a holiday destination. Los Angeles palm trees, Venice’s canals, all mix with famous landmarks like Paris’ Eiffel Tower, New York’s Lady Liberty and Rome’s Trevi Fountain. Vegas is truly a testament to the world’s most influential man-made beauty.

But the fun doesn’t need to stop when you get back to the hotel room. You can visit any one of a number of gaming platforms like GGPoker for example, to play more poker games on your phone or watch the professionals that might be in Rio or Paris.


The beauty of Paris is no undersold concept. Considered the school of art to the world, history’s most famous artists have attempted to capture its beauty, some, like Van Gogh, succeeding.

Every tourist’s first move in Paris is to stop by the Eiffel Tower, and that makes sense. The tower is iconic, enough to be replicated in Vegas and inserted into at least one shot of every movie set in France. See Ratatouille, Midnight in Paris, The Da Vinci Code, Amelie, and Hugo for reference. There is truly nothing like seeing the intricately designed tower light up the city skyline at night.

But beyond the tower, Paris has a lot to offer. Other major landmarks include the beautiful Notre Dame cathedral, and the Arc de Triomphe, but on an even smaller scale, it's easy to see the beauty in the narrow windy streets made up of cobbled paths, with cafes and eateries hiding in some out of the way valley.


Rio is definitely a city of new and urban beauty. It has developed and winds itself around the rising and falling landscape, mixing urban with nature.

The impressive Art Deco sculpture, Christ the Redeemer, towers over the city at the highest point, looking over all the lights, art and nature that makes Rio a beautiful city. People come from around the world, no matter their religion, to simply take in the almost 100ft high soapstone statue, which is often lit up with floodlights to be seen in any climate.

Being a coastal city, the beaches are nearby, with plenty of lush greens scattered around the opposing edge of the city. But it’s really the people that make Rio beautiful, with the streets lit up with colorful festivals like Carnival, turning the city into a confetti-filled kaleidoscope.

And that’s to say nothing of the art. There are art galleries like the Museu de Arte do Rio showcasing Brazilian and international art, but the best art is found on the streets. They inject so much personality to the busy streets of Rio that they’d turn a trip to grab a pint of milk into a cultured experience.

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