Sara Thopson - Jun 13, 2016
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The Office of Tourism and the Congress of Paris just compiled the results of the visits of 67 monuments and museums in Paris in 2015. The two waves of terror attacks in Paris caused a significant drop in the number of visitors by 7.2% compared to 2014.

The biggest decrease in the visits of the museums in Paris were recorded after the attacks of 13 November 2015. There were 23.3% fewer visitors for museums/exhibition centers and 36.2% fewer visitors at the Parisian monuments in the last two months of the year.

Sixteen sites have welcomed over 1 million visitors. The cumulative visits reached 60.8 million of admissions (-6.2% compared to 2014) or 83.8% of total admissions of 67 sites considered. The Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacred Heart Basilica, the Louvre museum (the most visited in the world) and the Eiffel Tower took, as in 2014, the first four places of the most visited sites.

Despite the difficult context of tourism in 2015, the success of major cultural developments in the capital is noteworthy: the Philharmonie of Paris has indeed welcomed 1.2 million visitors in 2015 (against a forecast of 800,000) representing an increase of 64 6% of visitors compared to the aggregate audience of the Music City and the Salle Pleyel in 2014; for a first full calendar year, the Louis Vuitton Foundation was visited by over 1 million people.

The 14 museums of the City of Paris has welcomed over 3 million visitors for the third consecutive year. Like most Parisian sites these museums in Paris reported a decrease of 8.2% of visits due to the impact of the attacks in January and November.

Finally, the reopening of the Gustave Moreau Museum, the Rodin Museum and the Museum of Man as well as the opening of the Fragonard perfume museum were among the highlights of the year and helped boost the cultural offer of the city.

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