Wayne M. Gore - Aug 26, 2008

Today’s Munich is tantamount to the fact that the German nation do not try to hide the horrific past of the previous century and is indeed willing to sell it to the tourists willing to learn about the past. The central character of many of the Munich tours is the 20th century’s most horrific dictator, Adolf Hitler. Munich tours offer the opportunity to learn more about the man with the brutal policies and strange moustache. Hitler moved to Munich from Austria in 1913 and raised here his Nazi party until 1918. The rest, as they say, is history.


Visitors of the tours have chance to visit the place where Hitler gave his first public speech in 1918. Similarly, there is the opportunity to visit the Hofbraehaus, a place which played witness to the first violent attacks against the Jews. Almost everybody has heard of the horror of the concentration camps, indeed Munich is situated near the  model camp of Dachau, thus the Hofbraehaus offers visitors the opportunity to see where it all started. Almost amusingly, there is the chance to visit the Schellingsalon, a pub where Hitler used to drink beer and often left without paying.


The whole area offers an insight into Nazi architecture, as the area has been preserved from before the Second World War until today for this very purpose. There are also printed notes on display from the hyperinflation of 1923. It is actually advised to take part in tours arranged by foreign professional guides as even the locals are sometimes unsure of the history of Munich and, in particular, Adolf Hitler. Foreign guides tend to give much more detailed and precise descriptions of this particular and sad period of German history. Some would also suggest that it is important to understand the reasons for World War II in order for it to never happen again.


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