Samuel Dorsi - May 19, 2024
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The authorities of the Yamanashi region in Japan are proactively addressing the overcrowding problem caused by the surge in tourism. One of their effective measures is introducing a ticket system for ascending Mount Fuji.

The Mount Fuji ticket system, implemented this year, will ensure everyone a more controlled and enjoyable climbing experience. According to the administration of the Yamanashi region statement, only 4000 hikers per day will be allowed to climb Mount Fuji via the Yoshida Trail, the most popular route. The Mount Fuji ticket for this climb will cost around twelve euros, a small price for a well-managed and memorable adventure.

From May 20, 2024, tickets for the season, which runs from July to September, can be conveniently reserved online. This new system allows visitors to secure their spots in advance, ensuring they enjoy this incredible experience. At least 1000 tickets per day will be reserved for daily bookings, allowing them to plan their climb according to their schedule.

The summit of Mount Fuji is 3776 meters high and covered in snow for most of the year. In summer, more than 220,000 hikers climb its steep and rocky slopes every year. Many people climb at night to witness the sunrise from the summit.

The region surrounding Mount Fuji is also affected by the popularity of the Japanese national symbol and the influx of tourists who visit the area to take pictures of the summit. At a trendy spot for taking photos, where Mount Fuji appears to tower behind a supermarket, authorities plan to take measures to protect the residents. In the future, a large black privacy screen will be installed to cover the view of the mountain. The residents had complained that tourists were trespassing on their properties in search of the perfect photo opportunity, running unthinkingly into the street, and littering the area.

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