Justin N. Froyd - Nov 22, 2023
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According to CamperDays, a platform specializing in leisure vehicle reservations, motorhome vacations are gaining popularity in winter. Many motorhome owners tend to park their vehicles during winter, but using them during this time is possible. The data show that winter provides more opportunities for flexible and independent travel, based on a study of nomadic travel trends derived from customer reservations for the 2023/2024 winter season.

The first thing to note is that Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations for travelers due to their opposite seasons. While it’s winter in our hemisphere, it's summer in theirs, making it an ideal time to explore their vast and stunning landscapes.

The United States is ranked third among countries travelers love to explore by road, with a significant increase of 5 to 10% in requests over the past year. A global study revealed a growing preference among holidaymakers for road trips, as shown by the popularity of motorhomes and vans. The report reveals that motorhome vacations account for 12% of reservations made on the platform.

Increase in average basket

The average cost of a basket of motorhome vacations increased by 22% compared to last year due to inflation. Several reasons for this increase include travelers choosing more diverse vehicle types, booking their trips further in advance, and selecting additional destinations. The increase can also be attributed to the rising cost of new and used vehicles. In particular, motorhome prices have increased by 20 to 25% in the past two years.

Travelers book rental vehicles 16 weeks in advance for trips lasting around 19 days on average to save money.

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