Denise Chen - Mar 7, 2016
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Many people love traveling. Yet, for some, it is a burning passion. They travel because they simply have to. brings you the five most prominent features of travel addicts.  

Sacred Passport

Travel addicts consider their passport quite unique and regard it as a treasure. The "Visa" section showing all the countries they visited makes the passport a sacred document. Enthusiastic travelers love their passport and don’t hesitate to show it to anyone interested.

Coins, coins

All the travel addicts keep a big box at home containing, among other souvenirs, at least 3 kilos of coins of different currencies – each representing a spectacular trip. Sometimes they go through the coins with nostalgia, other times they realize all that money wasted in there and calculate how much they could earn if exchange offices accepted coins.

Airline Rules

Passionate travelers know by heart the allowed dimensions of luggage in the low-cost airlines and the list of liquids and prohibited items that can’t be taken aboard a plane. Neither Ryanair nor EasyJet will count them among those trapped by fifteen asterisks written in font 8 footer.

Pack and Go

Travel addicts learned to condense their life in a backpack. Inside there are all essential items – headphones, adapter, external phone battery, a small toilet bag with all the tiny format products, a paperback book, a sleep mask, a portable digital scale to weigh your suitcase (especially useful for the return), a pair of sunglasses… Not to mention a tourist guide, because despite the convenience of digital reading, enthusiastic travelers get an irreplaceable pleasure when holding such a book in their hands.

Ready to Travel

On the way back from the holiday, while most people get homesick, travel addicts, on the contrary, already feel the sadness of the ending adventure. They quickly look at the calendar to find the nearest date when it would be possible to leave and explore new places, experience new things and enjoy their travels to the fullest.

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