Joe McClain - Feb 6, 2017
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Times have changed and nobles are no longer closing their doors from the public, quite the opposite. Many aristocrats are opening their palaces in Rome for a fee, either in the form of guided tours or sometimes even overnight stays. Some of these palaces are notably old and date back to the 1200s. Others were home to emperors or have a deep connection to the papacy. presents the most beautiful palaces situated in Italy’s majestic capital and one of the most historical cities in the world – Rome.

Palazzo Patrizi Montoro

Palazzo Patrizi Montoro is located near Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. It is one of the most beautiful palaces in Rome. The interior is decorated in a variable fashion. Statues of Greek gods, a Roman sarcophagus and Renaissance frescoes can all be found in this magnificent building. Walls are decorated with paintings of various historical events. A gothic-style hall and a pistachio-green room with a fake window painted on the wall is also part of the tour. The host, Marquis Corso Patrizi Montoro, organizes the tours of his home, which has been in the family since 1642. Munchies and drinks at the end of each guided visit are guaranteed.

Residenza Ruspoli Bonaparte

Owned by the Ruspoli family, this palace boasts canopy beds, silk wallpaper, parquet floors and much more. It was designed by architect Bartolomelo Ammannati in the 1500s. Emperor Napoleon III among others grew up here making the building one of the most popular palaces in Rome. The palace is located in front of the Spanish Steps where Via dei Condotti and Via del Corso meet. The owners provide suites to guests decorated in a French 1700s style. One suite even has a library with a fake wall of books, which is actually a door to a secret hiding place. The host, princess Giacinta Ruspoli, enjoys having tea with guests and telling them various stories to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Tenuta di Pietra Porzia

Tenuta di Pietra Porzia was built in the 1200s by monks and bought by the family of the current owners in 1800s. It was a home to a Roman aqueduct built 2,000 years ago. The current owner is Count Vittoro Giulini, who takes guests on tours of the estate. Giulini has turned his family’s summer home into an inn and restaurant serving locally grown artichoke specialties. Besides tours, accommodation is also a possibility, with four bedrooms available in the palace for guests and another 12 apartments in an adjacent yellow farm house.


Palazzo Ferrajoli

Built in the 16th century, Palazzo Ferrajoli is one of the most beautiful palaces in Rome. It is located on the Piazza Colonna and offers an absolutely unique view of Marcus Aurelius’ pillar. The palazzo is specific for its Etruscan columns, floors of Venetian mosaics, coffered wooden ceilings, a labyrinth of mirrors and much more. There are also relics of Pope Pius IX in the palace, such as his gloves, slippers etc., which were given as a gift to the Ferrajoli family. The owner Marquis Giuseppe Ferrajoli is a friendly host. He welcomes guests on guided tours, while offering them wine and snacks on the terrace at the end of the tour. 

Residenza Principi Ruspoli Cerveteri

The Residenza Principi Ruspoli Cerveteri was built in the 1500s to defend the Vatican. All rooms are quiter specifically decorated. One room has frescoes of triton studs, centaurs, griffins, sensual mermaids etc. Others have images of masks, gods, sheep and women. Holes can also be spotted in the walls, as a result of the Nazi’s shooting at several frescoes during WWII. Today this medieval castle is mainly an attraction for tourists, who come here to enjoy the fascinating place. Besides tours, it is also possible to stay overnight, as there are four deluxe suits available for potential guests.

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