Nils Kraus - Jun 26, 2012

Nearly every country in the world preserves its heritage as national treasure and is always a key source of information for the citizens and tourists who would love to know more about the country. Different countries around the globe have different ways of celebrating their heritage and Russia happens to be one of the many countries that have the culture of conserving its historical events.

Some of us may be already well versed with the Moscow Festival "Times and Epochs", an event that showcases Russian history between the 10th and the 20th Century though the theme of the festival changes from year to year. This time round, the Festival is scheduled to showcase historical events of the entire period ranging from social history reconstruction to the most recent metropolitan elements in the year 2016 according to the Moscow chairman of the tourism committee Mr. Shpilko.

The theme this year will encompass the period of both political and economic crisis in Russia as a result of poor Agricultural returns and a famine that further saw them undergo poor leadership by a succession of incompetent Kings who further deepened their plight. This began in the 17th Century when the Russian people displayed most of their patriotic attributes but happened to be the era when Europe was also experiencing a major economic crisis. This saw Russia go its own way and hence shaping the Russian culture that we know of today.

The 17th Century saw Russia transition into an economic stabile nation and the Russian people started experiencing an expanse in education and literacy as well as the expansion of Metal industry and secular painting as an art. This history that has been conserved since then and 400 years today, the Russians and tourists can learn to celebrate a turbulent past that made them what they are today.

In the coming scheduled festival, the organizers anticipate a large turnout with over 1000 participants expected with additional 300 international participants to re-enact the history and 100 artisans and 500 others for general engagement. For the first time, the event will be in the form of a city street remade to look like the lifestyle of the city in the 17th century. The guests will be treated to a rare occasion with the privilege of viewing the ancient homes, workshops etc and just about every element of life in the city during that century.

Among the most anticipated highlights will be the 1612 battle of Moscow. As it was, there will be a reconstruction of the battle fields outlining the artillery, infantry, cavalry and the older battle weapons like arrows, swords, shields and spears. This is expected to thrill the audience like never before. Also covered will be the peaceful life of the artisans, camp life with the camp theme, old ships on their shopping voyage and mediaeval entertainment that will also include musicians and clowns.

If you can, take a chance and participate in this event of a life time that will be absolutely free to guests of all backgrounds. There will also be live educational workshops for the children key for their learning purposes.

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