Tomas Haupt - Jun 6, 2011
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As travel becomes more affordable and more available for a number of the world’s citizens, Russians have been traveling to the USA more. In what could be seen as the ultimate Cold War reverse, never have there been as many Russians visiting American soil as now.

Despite travel conditions to the USA not being totally free of complications, more and more Russians have now been visiting the USA. The visa application process is still massively time consuming and expensive, yet the newly found wealth of many Russian citizens allows for them to put up with the inconveniences.

Seemingly, the queues outside the American embassy in Moscow are a small price to pay compared with the delights of visiting the U.S. Business opportunities and open agreements also account for increased air traffic between the two countries.

The US Ministry of Trade has estimated that 208,000 Russians will have visited America by the end of this year, a 19% increase on 2010 and more than ever before. It has been estimated that over the next 5 years, as the BRIC countries begin to make a bigger impact on the world, there will be 139% more Russians coming to the USA, leaving them amongst the fastest growers.

Despite the criticisms of the visa system, Russia in fact suffers just 8 to 10% of refusals and tends not to harbor some of the horror stories, which are known amongst other nations. It seems that relations are changing for the better, which can only be of mutual benefit to both sides.

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