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The admirers of Claude Monet, the founding father of Impressionism, are trembling with excitement these days. An event of great importance approaches as the largest exhibition of Monet's work in 30 years opened on 22nd September in France.


Claude Monet is often called the Father of Impressionism. His ardent admirers travel the world to see his work and their excitement levels must be rocketing sky-high right now as on 22nd September, an exhibition like no other over the past three decades was launched in Paris. It presents 200 of Monet's major works, selected from 70 art galleries and museums over the globe. Before the opening night, nearly 33, 000 fans secured their tickets. Thousands more are expected to pay a visit to Paris until 24th January, when the exhibition comes to its end. 

While the Grand Palais in Paris lures with the magic of Claude Monet's genius, many devotees also aim to visit Monet's home, in Normandy. The little village of Giverny was the artist's home for 43 years. He drew his inspiration from there and created a striking garden which remains well intact until today. Visitors are welcomed for most of the year and many claim visiting his garden feels like stepping into his painting. Monet spent years painting his lilies, he was fascinated by them.

It is interesting to see how Monet's popularity increased over the years, while at the beginning of his career, his work was deemed lazy and unfinished. Well, he certainly proved his critics wrong and the number of his followers and fans speaks for itself even today.

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