Andrea Hausold - Jun 23, 2023
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Until last April, Guatemala received approximately 900,000 non-resident travelers, reflecting a recovery in tourism.

The Department of Analysis and Market Research of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute, Inguat, has registered 898,679 foreign visitors, representing a recovery in the tourism sector that reaches up to 95% compared to the pre-pandemic year until 2019.

According to Inguat, there has been a steady increase in visitors in the first four months. There is a significant rise compared to last year, suggesting a recovery projection of 90%.

The most non-resident visitors to Guatemala come from El Salvador, with 392,828 visitors. This makes El Salvador the most significant source market for Guatemala tourists. The United States comes in second, with 184,523 visitors, followed by Europe with 67,806 visitors, Honduras with 65,732 visitors, the rest of Central America with 44,826 visitors, South America with 35,469 visitors, Mexico with 30,229 visitors, Canada with 16,008 visitors, and Belize with 11,322 visitors.

In addition, Inguat estimates that with the arrival of more than 898 thousand visitors, 481.5 million dollars have been generated, a positive figure for the country's economy.

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