Joe McClain - Sep 14, 2020
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Since the Corona shutdown, the hospitality industry worldwide has been struggling hard, which is often reflected in short-time work and also increased unemployment for those working in the industry. Actually, ideal conditions for employers who want to hire could be expected. But it is not so simple for many hoteliers in practice.

As the quality requirements of the guests in modern hotels are constantly rising, hotels are in competition for the workers who are considered particularly sought-after - because they are more highly qualified. However, it is by no means everyone's cup of tea when it comes to changing jobs, especially in view of often tense housing markets - whether in conurbations or typical vacation regions.

Comfort as a Motivating Factor

If a hotel now wants to attract new staff - which is often even more difficult – or retain proven specialists for the long term, accommodation plays an important role. Particularly in demand are employee rooms and personnel houses in the vacation hotel sector, but also in the city hotel sector, the topic is current, particularly in affluent areas. The type of offered accommodation is an important component of employee retention. Who invests and offers its team a modern, comfortable housing possibility, can be positioned as an attractive employer. In any case, outdated, shabby rooms have become obsolete.

So which standard is appropriate? "The bigger, the better" applies to a staff room, but on average between 20 and 25 square meters. After all, with this size, the employee can accommodate everything he or she needs. The furnishings should be similar to those of a small apartment, so that the employees feel at home, and should also include a cooking area. A private bathroom is also important. The rooms should be a place of retreat for the employees, whereby it is important to choose robust, functional furnishings with modular furniture systems.

Community Facilities for Fitness

At best, every employee has a room at his/her disposal - this ensures that the person can really withdraw and find peace and quiet and is also an additional hygiene factor in times of Corona. Some establishments, especially in the 4- and 5-star hotel sector, go one step further and also provide their employees with amenities such as a whirlpool or a fitness room for shared use.

The higher the standard, the more likely it is that employees will pay for their accommodation themselves in the form of rent. Today, board and lodging are no longer automatically part of the salary, and a paradigm shift has taken place. Hoteliers are often overwhelmed when it comes to employee accommodation. Employees have to be accommodated in a modern way and rooms as well as staff houses have to be modernized regularly, and it means not only the renovation of guest rooms but also the furnishing of staff rooms.

How employees are accommodated in the hotel industry, affects directly their satisfaction and their well-being and has thus an important role for employee retention. In view of the current situation surrounding the Corona pandemic, it is very important for employees of modern hotels to feel safe and that all hygiene measures are observed.

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