Gary Diskin - Sep 30, 2008

There are a great number of situations where one just sits down and prays for a few moments of privacy, which seem just impossible to find. The endless lines of travelers who have to spend half the night at the airport waiting for a connecting flight, back-packers who realize there is not one free bed at the hostel – these are only the few examples of when the Mini-Motel will come in handy.


This great invention is surprisingly simple in its principle. It is basically a small tent, which does not take more than a few minutes to set up. Anywhere, on any surface and in any environment, one may just pick a spot, spread the portable ‘tent’ and finally have a little bit of privacy.


It is very easy to obtain. The Mini-Motel is available on the internet for $ 49,95 and is selling big. It is light and one can fit it anywhere. Whether there are unexpected guests involved, or friends who show up for a sleepover, the Mini-Motel seems to offer the perfect solution. It is a very quick way to privacy and relief.


The representatives of Red Cross have already expressed interest in this new device, and are considering testing it in areas struck by all kinds of disaster. It is also very likely that the Army will appreciate the Mini-Motel in its camouflage version.


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