Anna Luebke - Oct 14, 2019
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China, the United States and France – these are the main source markets for tourism in Milan. Most of the travelers who visited the "capital of Lombardy" in 2018 came from the new world power – China – 393,000 visitors (+ 1.9% compared to 2017).

American visitors took the second position with 347, 000 travelers (up by 9.3% compared to the previous year) and then came the French with 299,000 tourists (+ 1.4%). The data were announced by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi.

Currently, the data confirm that tourism keeps growing. In 2018, the arrivals were 7.7 million (an increase of 2% compared to 2017). Foreigners exceeded Italians with 4.4 million arrivals and 9 million overnight stays, compared to 3.2 million arrivals and 6.4 million overnight stays for the Italians. During the last year, the presence of foreigners has been stable while the number of tourists from Italy grew by 7% for arrivals and 4% for accommodation.

Main source markets of tourists in Milan in 2018

Source market Tourists # (thousands) Growth (%)
China 393 1.9
United States 347 9.3
France 299 1.4
Germany 291 n/d
United Kingdom 253 1.8
Spain 200 n/d
Switzerland 200 n/d
Russia 176 5
Japan 152 5
Korea (South) 128 9


Lombardy tourism continued to grow in 2018, and it has a total of 16.8 million arrivals (+ 1.2%). Foreigners exceeded Italians with 9 million arrivals and 23.5 million nights, compared to 7.7 million arrivals and 15.7 million nights for Italians.

Hotels are driving the growth with + 0.8% arrivals and + 0.8% attendance, hosting 8 million foreigners last year with 18 million nights spent and 6.5 million Italians (+ 3.8%) with 12 million nights (+ 3.2%). The data were published by the Milan Chamber of Commerce for Inbuyer, through Regional Initiative.

"The Lombardy Region” - says Lara Gizzards, Regional Councilor for Tourism, Marketing and Fashion – “is increasingly attractive internationally. From food to wine, from handicrafts up to technology and innovation, the world certifies the right award to the excellence of our products and to the creativity of our master craftsmen.”

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