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The Mexican Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) has announced that the number of seats on international flights planned for Mexico from different parts of the world is expected to increase from 34,199,381 in 2023 to 34,446,178 in 2024, representing a growth of 0.7%.

Between January and December 2024, 34,447,274 scheduled seats will be available from different regions in Mexico. The North American region will offer 26,805,000 seats, or 77.8% of the total. The Caribbean, Central, and South America regions will offer 4,463,482 seats, approximately 13% of the total.

The Europe region will offer 2,984,767 seats,, or 8.7% of the total. Finally, 193,025 scheduled seats will be available from Asia and Oceania, with a share of 0.6%.

According to recent data, American Airlines and Aeromexico will have the highest percentage of scheduled seats in international operations to Mexico by 2024. American Airlines will have 15.7% of the total, and Aeromexico will have 14.7%, adding up to 10 million 461 thousand seats.

Additionally, Cancun airport will have the highest number of scheduled seats on international flights in 2024, with 11,294,796, followed by Mexico City International Airport (AICM) with 9,919,730 seats and Guadalajara with 3,86,747 seats. Together, these three airports will have 24,301,000 seats, equivalent to 70.5% of the total.

The following are the leading international routes to Mexico this year: Dallas-Cancun, with 721,836 scheduled seats; Toronto-Cancun, with 674,529 scheduled seats; and Madrid-AICM, with 643,572 seats planned.

In January 2024, 3,491,923 seats were offered for international service. 2,617,499 passengers were transported, equivalent to 75% of the seat supply. The Official Airline Guide (OAG) and the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) provided this information.

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