Dan Rang - Nov 23, 2015

According to the “Latin America Country Brand Report” which analyses the strength of country brands in Latin America, Mexico moved up three places, most notably in the categories of Heritage and Culture, Tourism and Made In, but lags behind in Value System and Quality of Life.

The report ​​by the FutureBrand consultancy firm puts Mexico in third place, behind Brazil and Argentina. The study analyses the perception and associations generated by country brands.

"Despite being in the eye of the storm after cases of drug-related insecurity and the current controversial debate on immigration from the country next door that is driving certain sectors in the United States, Mexico is reaping the benefits of years of investment in promoting its tourism and culture and is firmly recognized for its attributes and features linked to 'experience'," the study notes.

The method used by the authors of the report includes country brand association, i.e. the qualities that come to mind when people think of a country like Purpose (Value System, Business Potential and Quality of Life), and Experience (Made In, Tourism, Heritage and Culture).

In Heritage and Culture, Tourism and Made In, Mexico was placed second, after Brazil.

However, in Value System, which includes political freedom, environmental standards and tolerance, it was ranked in sixth place.

In addition, in Quality of Life the country was in fifth place. This category includes health and education, standard of living, desire to live or study in the country and safety. In business potential, which takes into account advanced technology and infrastructure, the country was third.

Top 10 country brands in LATAM

1. Brazil

2. Argentina

3. Mexico

4. Chile

5. Peru

6. Costa Rica

7. Panama

8. Cuba

9. Puerto Rico

10. Uruguay

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