Andrew J. Wein - Mar 2, 2015
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More and more couples looking to give their wedding an original touch are discovering Mexico. The country now is seeking to be much more than a honeymoon destination. Mexico’s Pacific, Caribbean or Gulf coasts offer their beautiful beaches with lush vegetation and blue skies under which one can also enjoy Mexican traditions, crafts and delicious food in a festive atmosphere and with the best service.

For those wanting  a more original wedding ceremony, this Aztec country boasts romance in every corner, from land to sea, and offers a wide variety of themed celebrations such as an underwater wedding, a Mayan ceremony, a large hacienda or a beachfront wedding.

Underwater Weddings

Cozumel is one of the few places in the world where couples and their friends can put on wetsuits and organize an underwater ceremony. Formerly, the island was a sanctuary where Mayan women paid homage to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility. Today it is an island with a setting that has kept the magic of this very small place.

Despite being the country’s largest island, its actual size is only 45 kilometers long by 19 kilometers wide, and the waters surrounding the island are crystal clear. In some places you can stand with a snorkeling mask and watch multi-colored tropical fish and the many corals that live at the bottom of the sea.

Mayan Weddings

Some couples are attracted by the idea of celebrating their wedding by recreating the ancient marriage rituals of Mayan culture. Usually such ceremonies take place on a beach or at archaeological sites, for which you must obtain a permit beforehand. These sites are located in Mexico’s Mayan destinations such as Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Xcaret and the Riviera Maya.

According to ancient Mayan rituals, before the wedding the groom presents the bride with a muhul, consisting of a gift package with a gold chain, wooden hairclips and a huipil (a long sleeveless traditional dress). Afterwards, they take a temazcal bath, an ancient indigenous steam bath used for cleansing.

For the big celebration, the couple is dressed in white, she with her special huipil and he in a suit made of hand-woven fabric. The wedding has to take place in the middle of the smoke from copal incense (an aromatic resin considered sacred and purifying for the environment), flowers, candles and torches or lamps. The four elements (water, earth, wind and fire) have to be invoked, and the exchange of rings and a banquet started by the shaman are the highlights of this truly fantastic occasion.

Hacienda Weddings

Mexico has a large number of beautiful old haciendas and ranches built in the Spanish colonial style with large gardens, which have been restored and luxuriously equipped to become ideal wedding venues.

With their thick walls, high vaulted ceilings, large patios, gardens with 100-year old trees, fountains and chapels steeped in history, they are the best option for those looking for something traditional and elegant.

The haciendas are scattered throughout the country, in states such as Morelos, Michoacán, Yucatán, Jalisco and Oaxaca. Originally they were production centers, where cattle were reared, where tobacco was cultivated or chocolate or mezcal was produced.

Boutique Hotel Weddings

There are also couples who prefer to hold their wedding in small, exclusive hotels with character and a unique charm. These hotels offer very personalized service and focus on sensory pleasures and the comfort and privacy of their guests.

Each has a very distinctive style. Some are strictly minimalist; others have a colonial style and there are also those that incorporate elements of nature in their decor. The architectural features of boutique hotels range from castle-type buildings and old convents to ranches and cabins with palm leaf roofs

Beach Weddings

Traditional beach weddings are a great opportunity to be creative and make a wedding an unforgettable occasion: amazing linen and white cotton decorations on the sand, candles, torches and the best orchestra (the sound of the waves) against a backdrop of turquoise waters, waiting for sunset to experience this unique moment with your partner.

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