Sara Thopson - Jun 8, 2015
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Mexico has a potential to develop into a cosmetic surgery tourism destination attracting more foreigners coming to receive treatments for skin care, such as the elimination of wrinkles and folds.

According to Galderma’s Latin America Marketing Director, Gonzague de Thé, thanks to Mexico’s proximity to the US, this could become a reality as there are people looking for more affordable treatments.

"There is a huge opportunity for growth ... there are places in Mexico that are attractive to people seeking treatment outside their home countries, such as the United States, for example, because it is cheaper," he added.

He also made the point that Mexico is a "super strategic" country for the industry because of its economic stability and because it has a young population, a large segment of people under age 40.

Moreover, he added, the business of skin care or cosmetic treatments has a good chance because the number of people considering these treatments is still low compared to the total population.

"There are very good reasons to invest in this business, including the fact that people are asking for it more and more," he said during the launch of the global campaign "Proof In Real Life" led by actress Sharon Stone, through which they are seeking to inform people that these treatments are safe and can look natural.

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