Gary Diskin - Aug 17, 2015
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The National Productivity Committee in Mexico has included gastronomy as one of the eight strategic sectors to boost, "because of its huge growth potential in the next few years". This was noted by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, in a speech to various leaders in the culinary industry.

He also said: "Let's make our cuisine a great source of inclusion and prosperity for our society and also internationally".

The fact is that gastronomy is an economic activity that generates more than 5.5 million jobs, as the president acknowledged at the signing of the so-called National Gastronomy Promotion Policy Agreement.

It should also be noted that UNESCO has opted for the inclusion of traditional Mexican food on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

According to Peña, "the gastronomy industry is one of the main sources of income for Mexican households countrywide and one of our main tourist attractions."

In addition, the value chain of the gastronomy industry is one of the most extensive and diverse, ranging from small farmers to food service providers, such as markets, grocery stores or restaurants.

In Mexico, the National Productivity Committee has included the gastronomy sector as 'one of the eight strategic sectors to promote, since it generates millions of jobs, but it is unstructured and its productivity is extremely limited'.


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