Nils Kraus - Jul 4, 2023
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The most popular time for most Mexicans to vacation outside of their hometowns is Holy Week. However, summer is also a high season when many people take advantage of the better temperatures and school vacations to leave home for a few days.

Last summer was special for many because they could leave their homes after being locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to several factors, the 2023 season may be challenging for Mexican tourism service providers.

A significant issue is security. It isn't easy to feel safe in practically any part of some Mexican destinations today. Mexican travelers are unlikely to receive travel warnings like citizens of other countries, so they avoid visiting specific destinations.

Many Mexicans are familiar with the various warnings the U.S. State Department and the U.K. government issued about the high crime risk on Mexican roads. In addition, daily news reports highlight the thousands of miles of impassable roads due to this danger. Even authorities advise against simple trips between Mexico and Cuernavaca, as tourists can be vulnerable to kidnapping. These circumstances do not motivate people to drive and travel.

Foreign tourists often have a limited number of approved travel destinations in Mexico due to safety concerns. However, the presumed "super weight" has made this particular destination more expensive, putting it in competition with other destinations that may not be as beautiful but are safer and better organized.

A simple exercise to quote a trip for two people, round trip, leaving Houston, from July 10 to 14: To a four-star hotel in Cancun, Quintana Roo, $3,220. To a four-star hotel in Barcelona, Spain, $3,340. The example is already a matter of taste, not cost. But when safety considerations are included in the decision-making process, European destiny wins by a wide margin.

The Mexican currency is currently strong, meaning Mexican tourists may have more purchasing power when traveling abroad. For example, a trip to Cancun from July 10 to 14 for two people, including flights and a four-star hotel, costs 22,300 pesos. However, for an extra 4,000 pesos, they could go to a five-star hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the same time. This may be something to consider.

Mexico is an incredible tourist destination that offers wonders that few other countries can match. However, it is also essential to acknowledge that the country faces significant challenges concerning crime, insecurity, and impunity. These issues are unprecedented and cannot be ignored. Additionally, the cost of traveling within Mexico can be quite high. This may cause some tourists with ample resources to consider other destinations beyond its borders or stay home.

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