Sara Thopson - Jul 21, 2023
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The Mexican tourism industry is experiencing a decline, impacting the country's economy as it is no longer a reliable source of income.

The president of the National Council of Tourism Companies, Braulio Arsuaga, announced a notable decline in international tourism from January to May. This includes a decrease in American tourists visiting Mexican destinations, with 430,000 fewer visitors. There were also 34,000 fewer visitors from Colombia, 33,000 from Brazil, and 25,000 from the United Kingdom. At the same time, tourism has increased in Canada, Peru, France, and Germany. However, it is not enough to offset the loss of tourism.

Experts suggest attracting tourists from a new segment, including domestic tourists. Many tourists who have yet to visit Mexico are not avoiding travel altogether but are seeking alternative vacation destinations. The tourism industry faces challenges such as insecurity and a need for more promotion. One minor impact of these issues is that the peso has strengthened, making it less affordable for foreigners to visit Mexico.

Despite the recovery of domestic tourism, there has yet to be a proportional increase in economic revenues or tourism expenditures. Additionally, package prices and offerings have stayed the same.

The Mexican tourism industry has experienced a growth rate of 17%. However, this growth appears to be slower compared to the Caribbean market, which is growing at a rate of 23%, and the American market, which has seen a 23% increase in travel. It's worth noting that Mexico has experienced a different level of growth than these other markets.

Many experts are seeking to improve Mexico's national tourism policy. However, the agency responsible for this task needs more budget and resources to drive the country's tourism industry forward. Mexico must adopt a more proactive and cross-cutting approach to maintain a surplus and prioritize tourism as a national strategy rather than a mere sector of tactics. Despite possessing all the necessary resources, the current reality needs to include what is required to make tourism the economic cornerstone it has the potential to be.

Due to the pandemic lockdown, Mexican tourism has seen a different economic boom than other industries. While tourism remains in surplus, unlike the oil deficit, we should not assume victory or consider ourselves the most attractive country, despite having all the necessary resources.

We must wait for tourism to be recognized as a national priority above other industries. However, it is important to note that the Secretary of Tourism is limited by the lack of tools to effectively promote tourism at an international level, especially when facing opposition.

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