Ashley Nault - May 11, 2012

After spending almost all year busy trying to work to make ends meet, everyone needs to have that time off work to recuperate and get reinvigorated. This is when going on a holiday comes in handy. There are various destinations that people who like traveling for their holidays could visit around the world. One of the packages that one can consider when looking to go for vacation is holidays in Menorca. This is an island that is located in Spain off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There are various reasons as to why one would want to visit this island when they have the time to go on a holiday. The town can be accessed by using cruise ships which dock on the main harbor which is Mahon. One can then be able to access the town through the use of a route that passes through a hilly terrain into the town. There are several things that one can do during their visit to this island.

People who like doing their shopping when they visit a new destination will definitely find a visit to Menorca very appealing. There are several shops that are strategically placed in the island to be able to cater for the shopping needs of tourists. The currency used is Euros with most of the shops being open from Monday through to Saturday. Some of the shops that are popular with tourists visiting the island are La Maravilla which is an ideal place to get a gift. For those who like gin, Xoriguer Gin Distillery is one shop that they can go and buy gin at affordable prices.

There are several places to see for tourists. This is a good opportunity for one to experience the rich culture of the natives ranging from the main language spoken by the natives which is Catalan. There are some residents who use Spanish to communicate while some are known to be fluent in English. There are also some very beautiful houses for people who are interested in real estate. The island has houses built in the design similar to houses found in the United Kingdom.

Some of the attractive sites that one can visit when in Menorca is the churches which have a rich history. One such church is St Anthony church which has been in existence for years. One can also visit Santa Maria church or Church of the Conception.

There are also several prehistoric sites that one can visit. An examples include The Museum of Menorca where one can go and get a glimpse of art work.

There is also a site for people who are into wind surfing or sailing there is a small fishing village which has a lake that provides them with the option.

For people who are looking to spend a night or two in the town, there are various hotels that are known to have good facilities to accommodate them. These include Hotel Biniarroca or La Quinta Resort. Other options for accommodation include live aboard boats, backpackers hostels and budget friendly hotels. There are also different restaurants and bars where one can go and feed on the wonderful food while enjoying the night life. Examples include El Pla and The Windmill Restaurant.


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