Denise Chen - Apr 8, 2008

Despite being one of the America’s smallest states, Maryland has an amazing amount to offer to the locals as well as foreign visitors. Typical of the Atlantic coast states, the vegetation is especially green and the wildlife is particularly picturesque. Most tend to split Maryland in five regions, all of which have something different to boast about. The eastern shore, for example, is known as the crab capital of the world, where chefs are known to be able to produce miracles with freshly caught Atlantic crabs. Most restaurants in the area specialise in these pincer-ridden delights. Staying on the ocean theme, the wooden boat building industry has even been described as more popular than the crabs.


Moving to the central region, the state house in Annapolis is extremely popular, as is the symphony orchestra in Baltimore, which happens to be the state’s largest town. The western area is surely the target for extreme sports fans. Here, it is possible to engage in white-water rafting, skiing and ice fishing. Coupled with the fact that Maryland boasts such great nature spots, these sports can be a particular pull. Art enthusiasts should also stay in the western area, as Hagerstown is also famous for its galleries and culture.


For historians, the south of Maryland is surely the place to be, the Sotterly plantation being a national historic landmark. Here, tours can be arranged for tourists to experience the atmosphere of the slave period. Indeed, original slave cabins are available for viewing by the general public. The so-called capital region is a living memory of civil war history, the icing on the cake being the Accokeek Foundation’s colonial tobacco plantation. Simply said, despite its size, Maryland has a multitude of activities on offer.


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