Kevin Eagan - Oct 22, 2023
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New regulations will be implemented in Mallorca for the 2024 season to combat alcohol excesses, focusing on responsible tourism. These measures will be island-wide and affect the entire Balearic Islands region.

Mallorca has been attempting to address the issue of so-called 'booze tourism' on the island for some time, with various measures such as alcohol-free zones around Ballermann, nighttime admission checks at specific beaches this summer, and even the deployment of private detectives to capture rule violations on camera. However, these measures have had little impact so far, according to Balearic Tourism Minister Jaume Bauzá. Hence, a new tourism law has been announced to reduce the excesses on the famous holiday island.

New Regulations to Apply Island-wide

At the start of 2020, the Balearic government passed a new tourism law; another will come into force under the new government in 2024. The new regulations will apply island-wide and not just to certain party hotspots, as the Tourism Minister, Bauzá, announced.

Previously, alcohol bans were limited to certain zones that affected streets in Playa de Palma and Magaluf and a no-alcohol zone in Sant Antoni de Port many in Ibiza. In these areas, alcohol sales were restricted to specific times and locations. However, the zones were often divided, so it was still possible to purchase alcohol on the other side of the street.

According to Bauzá, this is about to change as the new legislation aims to make the regulations more consistent across the island.

More Serious Punishments

The Balearic Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló, announced that holidaymakers in Mallorca who misbehave and fail to comply with regulations will face more severe punishments. Until now, most penalties were directed at shops and sellers, but travelers must also pay more in the upcoming season. Penalties will be increased, including for "balconing."

Mallorca is taking cues from Amsterdam in dealing with problematic tourists and booze tourism. The Dutch capital launched an online campaign directed mainly at young male Britons who visited the city for excess. Mallorca plans to launch a similar movement to inform 16 to 25-year-olds from Great Britain about the regulations in Mallorca and the penalties that will follow non-compliance.

Blacklist for Booze Tourists?

Whether these are the only planned changes or additional regulations that are in the works for the Balearic Islands in the 2024 season remains uncertain. Experts suggest that consideration is being given to creating a blacklist for tourists who draw attention to themselves through excessive drinking and bad behavior, possibly issuing bans against them and preventing them from returning to the islands. This is particularly relevant for British travelers, who are no longer subject to EU free movement regulations due to Brexit.

Decree for Responsible Tourism

The regulations against alcohol-related tourism were previously grouped under the name "Anti-Excess Decree." However, the name will now be changed at the insistence of companies operating in Playa de Palma and Magaluf. The goal is to preserve the image of these tourist areas. The new name will be "Decree for Responsible Tourism," as part of the new tourism law. According to Jaume Bauzá, the excesses witnessed last summer have already decreased, although no specific figures were provided.

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