Alec Hills - Nov 28, 2023
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Skiing is a must-do activity for many travelers who enjoy breathing in fresh mountain air, carving down white slopes, and taking in breathtaking views. However, ski holidays can be expensive due to the high costs associated with equipment rentals, ski pass fees, and other expenses. The good news is that there are ways to save money on skiing trips, such as booking early, considering lesser-known ski resorts, and taking advantage of suitable travel deals that offer affordable packages. Tourism Review has tips for saving money on ski holidays:

Choose smaller ski resorts

Opting for a smaller ski resort is recommended if you want an affordable ski vacation. Skiing lovers can save up to 50% on expenses such as ski passes, ski rentals, ski school, and accommodations by using smaller resorts compared to expensive, top-rated destinations.

Holidays in the low season

Ski vacationers can take advantage of more affordable deals during the early and late seasons, as lift passes and accommodations are often based on holiday periods and are typically more expensive during the peak season.

A holiday apartment instead of hotel

You can easily save several hundred euros by choosing specific amenities and accommodation options such as a farm, a holiday apartment, or a youth hostel for younger travelers.

Rent ski equipment online

Sports shops have now established their online presence, allowing customers to rent equipment comfortably ahead of time. As a result, ski holidaymakers can save 10 to 25% on rental fees and conveniently collect their equipment upon arrival.

Get kids discounts

Many ski resorts offer free skiing for children up to six if a parent purchases a day ticket. Additionally, some ski regions offer free ski passes for children up to ten years old. Discounts are also available for young people, pensioners, and students.

Packaged services

Booking an all-in-one, carefree package can lead to significant savings. Various tourist boards provide appealing package deals comprised of ski passes, ski rentals, and ski lessons for kids. Additionally, tour operators frequently integrate transportation options by bus or train in the total package.

Buy multi-day and family ski passes

Purchasing multi-day and family tickets is usually less expensive than buying one-day ski passes for the same period.

Offers like "Pay four days, ski for five days" are particularly popular.

Take advantage of thematic days

Theme days are regularly organized in ski resorts where ski passes are available for discounted or free conditions for specific groups, such as "Ladies Days," "Family Day," and "Valentine's Day specials."

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