Denise Chen - May 28, 2012

As consumers’ perceptions change, the hospitality industry is also shifting. This was bound to happen with the change in engineering and market pattern demanding more out of hotel industry. It has been researched and identified out by some of the topmost marketing firms that personalization is the way to go in this business and the businesses that are involved in hospitality business are focusing more on 1-to-1 relation and customer satisfaction.

The changing trend in hospitality industry is noted in every segment of it; from personalized hotel encounters to one-to-one marketing and value added services. There are particular tools of personalization that are distinguished in the today’s marketplace.

Putting marketing to 1-to-1

The owners of the hotel businesses have understood that mass marketing is not as successful as personalized and custom-made approach. The principle of 'one size fits all' is past. Today people today want added incentive according to their preferences and thanks to the advanced technology it is possible to monitor their activities and choices so that personalized companies can be offered.

The global hotel chains already take note of likes and dislikes of the customers and also tracking their preferences. The deals that are offered to fit the customers’ needs. They would not offer you stay in a hotel that is just 5 minutes away from your home or slot credit if you are a table gamer. The deals are more realistic and customized and that is the new way to attract customers.

Internet is a real friend of the hospitality industry. The activity monitoring system lets hotel marketers find the more active customers who sign up into the website in respect to distinct offers. Cookies play a major role in this regard. It helps in recognizing the name of the user and offer deals based on the previous activities particular to him.

Personalizing services to customers’ needs

Customizing encounters makes the customer feel that things are only made for him. This is a real important phenomenon in the hotel industry. There are hotels that track the last activity of the customer in the hotel and try to maintain the same environment when he potential customers the place back. For illustration, you leave the hotel putting your TV on with a special news channel being played and the light-weight deemed. The hotel management system tracks everything and when guests get back a new room with the same considered options and the same news channel being played on the television. It just makes guests feel that it is his or her place and kept the way they left it. This tightens the bond between the customer and the business and a feeling of loyalty evolves.

It is important to engage customers with what they favor to. To offer that engaging encounter you need to be personal and custom-made. This is applicable to both hotel and casino sectors where customers demand higher personalization that actually build belief and a feeling that it is their place and the people here care for them.

The hotel managers more often ask customers about their requirements when they check in and check out. The purpose is to make them feel at home by providing maximum comfortable environment possible. In addition needs of kids and youngsters are taken care of as well.

It is also quite clear, the hospitality industry is bound to change in respect to the advancement of technological innovation and people asking more out of the solutions. Change is fixed for this sector and in the last few years it has been fast and prolonged as well. There are new possibilities to make and take and that is what makes the hospitality industry a progressive one.

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