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Although a small country, Bulgaria is highly visited by thousands of tourists every year. It attracts with its unique localities, wonderful nature, the advantage of the four seasons, sea, mountains and many rivers.

Bulgaria - a corner of paradise in Europe

Every city in Bulgaria is full of history. Whether you visit a small town or some big centres, you will be amazed by the magical interweaving of history and modernity. If you are looking for a place to stay for you and your family, you have a vast choice from а small Guest houses to some of the best hotels, proudly boasting 5 stars.

Do you love summer with its sun rays and warm sea – the destinations along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are for you. From quiet secluded corners in the wild suitable for relaxation to huge resorts known for their entertainment venues and rich attractions. If you or your family are fans of winter vacations characterized by their entertainment – ​​skiing, snowboarding and other winter pastimes, you are in the right place. Apart from summer tourism, Bulgaria is also represented by winter tourism. Many mountains with high peaks combined with fluffy snow and ski slopes are excellent for relaxation and fun for you and your children.

Selection of winter resorts in Bulgaria


As we mentioned, due to the unique climate combining the four seasons in equal parts of the year and the presence of 39 mountains, Bulgarians are lucky to have numerous world-famous resorts with top luxurious Bulgarian hotels. Some of them are in the:

  1. Bansko. The city is of international fame. International alpine skiing competitions are held here, and there is a bed base with over 16,000 beds, worthy of receiving athletes and guests from all over the world. The discos, bars and restaurants will take care of your fun time. And in the luxurious complexes, you have the opportunity to pamper yourself with all existing SPA procedures and the staff's friendly attitude.

  2. Velingrad–Surrounded by the Rhodopes on all sides, it is 750m above sea level and is known as the SPA capital of the Balkan Peninsula.


Selection of summer resorts in Bulgaria


To the east, Bulgaria borders the Black Sea, and the Bulgarian coastline is 378 km. Many resorts and several large seaside towns are located on it. They have five-star super luxurious complexes where you can enjoy relaxation and relaxing activities. Some of them are:

  1. Varna. It is the largest city on the Black Sea coast. Known as the Black Sea Capital. A large resort, commercial, cultural, transport and centre. There are many beautiful and luxurious hotels on its territory. In the Black Sea city, you can find everything you are looking for for your vacation. From peace and privacy from work and personal commitments to a rich nightlife - discos, bars, taverns, and various attractions. The beach strip is comprehensive, with clean sand without stones and other rocky formations.

  2. Burgas. The second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In recent years very well economically developed. Varna's rival for taking away the title "Black Sea Capital". In Burgas, you will find from small guest houses to huge and stylish and luxurious hotel complexes.

  3. Sunny Beach. Known as the entertainment capital. 24/7 entertainment life reigns here. Sunny Beach is home to the most up-to-date nightclubs and discotheques. There's something for everyone: if you're looking for wild nightlife and partying, you're in the right place. Remember that after the round-the-clock entertainment, you need to sleep and relax. This can be done in luxurious hotels and hotel complexes along the coast or the centre of the resort.

  4. Golden sands. Known by its nickname, "The Pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea". A relatively new resort built in the last 60 years. The sand on the Beach is golden and delicate, the sea clean and transparent. An ideal place to relax. We recommend some ultra-luxurious five-star holders.

  5. Nessebar. Founded about 3200 years ago, the city is under the protection of UNESCO. It uniquely combines the old and the new - traditions and innovation. In the old town, you can rest in guest houses built about 200 years ago, while in the new part you can stay in one of the luxurious hotels.

  6. Sozopol. The city is one of the oldest in Bulgaria. Famous fishing, church and wine centre. There are hotel complexes for all tastes.

Wherever you stay, you are sure to be satisfied. Bulgarians are known for their hospitality and developing tourism, and only a few foreigners have decided to live in this small but fascinating country.

If you are travelling on business, your destination will most likely be the capital Sofia or the large regional centre

s such as Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Varna or Burgas. Boiana MG will take care of your comfort and provide you with beautiful memories of Bulgaria.

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