Chris Grad - May 17, 2010

Consumer Reports has recently conducted a survey among 2000 US travelers to collect their feedback on airlines, hotels and car-rental companies. All agree the most appalling are the luggage fees and rude staff.


Traveling has become a crucial part of the modern life and to travel in style is no longer a far-fetched dream. Each traveler is used to a certain standard and has high expectations from all the service-providers. For its June issue, Consumer Reports surveyed 2000 travelers in order to evaluate their level of satisfaction with hotels, airlines, and car-rental companies. On a scale from 1 (not worrying at all) to 10 (the most annoying), respondents were asked questions about the staff, conditions and generally all aspects of services.

The results have revealed that the absolutely worst aspect of travel are the luggage fees charged by airlines. Flying customers have rated the luggage fees at an 8.4 average; more general ‘added fees’ follows with an 8.1.

The third most irritating aspect is staff. The rude and unhelpful behavior of employees in all three areas alike has rated at 7.7. When it came to evaluating communication, respondents of the survey also complained about their frequent inability to reach a live service rep (7.6)

What came as a slight surprise is that travelers are more upset about poor information about delays, rather than the delays themselves. The lack of clear communication and information about delays scored 7.1, while delays lingered behind with 6.8. Other annoyances feature seatmates who hog other passenger’s space, long waits at baggage claim, line for security checks, puny snacks and – no surprise – crying babies and unruly kids.

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  1. The lack of information is many times much worse than the delay itself. If only the airlines knew it. There are even some studies confirming this fact. So keep the travelers informed and they are fine. Let them think up their own stories why the plane is late and you get them sooner or later totally in rage.

    Eve (Austria)

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