Andrew J. Wein - Aug 10, 2009
With complaints constantly rising in the airline industry, it seems that the onus is now on the traveller to improve the situation as the airlines ignore regulations and play the card that they are so cheap, in fact too cheap to be complained about. The glamour, which was always associated with travelling by air, has now almost disappeared. The amount of complaints has escalated in recent years, even at a rate of an 11% increase. Whereas it used to be considered a luxury to be served by a stewardess and be whisked from A to B at a speed, which no car could manage. However, plane travel is nowadays as cheap, if not cheaper than, as travelling by bus. The novelty has gone and the stewardesses are now merely considered to be smiling waitresses.Whilst the level of service decreases, the level of complacency of the airlines increases, as does the number of complaints. Indeed, travelling by air can now be extremely infuriating.  According to the latest statistics gathered from the websites of most major budget airlines, at least 10 people a week now complain about lost baggage. Similarly, 17% of travellers complain about delays, a figure which has increased by 11% in 12 months. Airlines are often ignoring their obligations by the EU to provide hotels for passengers after delayed flights and tend to fight to a bitter end instead of coughing up compensation packages. The advice given in order not to lose too much hair whilst travelling by plane is as follows: Firstly, try not to check bags in. The first advantage here is not getting annoyed about ridiculous charges and it also eradicates the possibility of loss. Secondly, always put labels inside baggage and presume that outer labels will be ripped off. Most importantly, just remember that travelling by air is much cheaper than it used to be and we should not really expect the luxury treatment like in the past. Related:THE MOST RIDICULOUS CHARGES WHEN FLYINGGIANT CITIES SEEM TO HAVE THE WORST AIRPORTS - FOR SLEEPING!WORLD AIRLINES SET FOR EVEN MORE DISASTROUS PERIOD

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