Laura Maudlin - Feb 24, 2014

Airlines are always trying to keep up with modern trends and make the experience better for the passenger and the latest concept to interest European travellers is that the little bell above our heads for calling a steward and the hassle of ordering dinner could be a thing of the past thanks to a new app. Lufthansa are taking advantage of this new software to bring some of the conveniences we are used to, and some new and improved services, right to the passenger's tablet or smartphone.

Lufthansa passengers will enjoy a whole new in-flight experience with better access to more choices.

All passengers need to do to receive this new experience is install the app, which will be available in iOS, Android and Windows stores, and they can then connect to the plane's servers for instant access to menus, duty free shopping experiences, destination information and a selection of in-flight movies that will be streamed wirelessly to the device. This new approach to the menu and shopping will surely be welcomed by many passengers because it has the potential to make choices and orders much easier, whether passengers are simply looking to top up their glass and browse the catalogue in peace or are looking for specific meals due to dietary restrictions or particular brands.

This idea is not entirely new, Virgin Australia and El Al Isreal Airlines are both using versions of this program to enhance their own flights and other companies are said to be following suit in the near future. In preparation for this innovation, Lufthansa are currently installing the same BoarsConnect servers into the planes for simple connectivity and, even though there will be a transition period where the screens currently installed in the plane will use the system, these screens will eventually be removed in favour of the passengers' own devices. The service, and the free app, are expected to come into operation in the summer.

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  1. Though many passengers are adopting tablets and smart phones, some in the consumer market may be slow or stubborn toward this move; thus, removing all the old screens in front of each passenger's seat seems like a step backward sadly.

    Pegralo (Seychelles)

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